Animal research and conservation

We are involved in several research and conservation projects. We are keen to expand our participation to new exciting challenges linked to wildlife conservation.

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Research and epidemio-surveillance at the wildlife-livestock interface In wildlife collection, it is crucial to know animal status with regard to transmissible diseases to better protect them and prevent outbreaks.

Wildlife Surveys

Wildlife Survey are very important in monitoring animals and preparing re-introduction plans.

Bushmeat trade

This project tackles the issue linked to the illegal wildlife trade and bushmeat trafficking from Africa to Europe (in partnership with the Zoological Society of London).

Prey habitat study

In collaboration with Dibhatana Research Camp and the Okavango Research Institute, this research will determine the movement of impalas in the Okavango Delta.

Large carnivores study and conservation

This conservation research in Botswana aims at preserving Africa's large predators such as African wild dog, cheetah, leopard, lion and spotted hyena with the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust.