Education and Training

Conservation awareness talks at schools and universities

Educational presentations targeting students from schools and universities that are tailor made for the age group and specific focus of the curriculum.

We have experience in giving presentations like these to postgraduate students at the Royal Veterinary College of London, University of UAE and the Women’s College of Technology in Al Ain to name a few.

Staff Training

We can offer veterinary training or keeper training, which are customized to your structure need. Applicable standard operating procedures related to animal keeping are written and explained to the staff to ensure an adequate level of animal care.

All training sessions can be adapted as needed. Below are examples of trainings recently delivered.

• Training of Trainers (TOT).
Training of future trainers/ peer educators in: basic biology, knowledge of wildlife and conservation issues, ecology, animal and plant biology, baseline surveys, monitoring and evaluation, participatory land use planning, participatory rural appraisal, teaching and learning styles.

• Training of Zoo & Visitor Centre Educators.
Visitor psychology, teaching & learning styles, group psychology, basic biology, knowledge of wildlife and conservation issues, ecology, animal and plant biology, animal welfare, animal health, enrichment, enclosure design, animal behaviour. Basic and advanced program development. Budgeting and planning.

Community Outreach

• Socio- Economic Surveys.
We have elaborate experience with the design, implementation and data processing of quantitative and qualitative community surveys in rural settings in Zambia and Malawi for the World Bank, WWF Zambia and Kasanka Trust Limited. Including baseline surveys, Participatory Rural Appraisal and Theatre for Development.

• Participatory Land Use Planning.
Elaborate experience with organising in-depth consultation of various community leaders and community segments in rural Zambia. Including various appraisal techniques and feedback of findings through Theatre for Development. Leading discussions and negotiation of land-use plan in various stages with stakeholders. Supported by Finnish Embassy, Kasanka Trust & World Bank.

• Capacity Building of Traditional Leaders and Community Groups.
Long term experience with Environmental Education Program Development, Needs Assessment, Livelihood Skills Training, Agroforestry, Natural Resources Management, Forest Management, Leadership skills, Business skills, Report Writing, Fundraising, Monitoring & Evaluation, Gender and HIV/AIDS awareness.

• Human - wildlife conflict management.
Mitigation of human – wildlife conflict in Zambia (focusing on elephants): promoting chilli fences, chilli production, bee keeping and bee hive fencing.