Wildlife Management

Population Management

We offer consultations regarding herd management, sex ratios, genetic management and breeding advices. These services prevent overpopulation and overcrowding of animals as well as preventing inbreeding to ensure the optimal genetic quality of the animals you breed.

Animal Translocation

Our team can take care of all the aspects involved in the capture and translocation of animals, from single animals to complete herds.

Depending on the scope of the work, the species and the geography, different capture techniques can be used depending on your need, such as chemical immobilization, net capture and boma capture. We have successfully been performing game captures and collaring (including predator collaring) since 2007.

Risk assessment of Animal Translocation

Prior to translocation and following IUCN guidelines, we can offer the following:

1) A qualitative assessment of the health risks associated with the planned movement of wild animals. The principal risks are:
» Animals carrying new diseases into the destination area that will cause harm to the ecosystem.
» Animals being moved will encounter new diseases in the destination ecosystem and will be harmed by these new diseases.

2) An assessment and clear information about the risk linked to the catching process and transport of the targeted wild animals